Text Box: Jasper Junior High is the first time students change classes and have different teachers for different subjects. It is a major change from a self-contained classroom they have been in since kindergarten. In junior high science and social studies there are several projects we do every year. Below is a general synopsis of the curriculum for 6th through 8th grade science and social studies.














Text Box: 6th Grade Science is the study of life science. Topics covered throughout the year is classification, plants, plant and animal cells, genetics and heredity, ecosystems and animal species. Usual large projects at this grade is a leaf collection in the fall and a biome project in the spring. Also solar cookers are sometimes made before the end of the school year.












Text Box: 6th Grade Social Studies is a study of world history. Covered are all the major ancient civilizations – Egypt, Roman, Greek, Mesopotamian, Indian, Chinese, and Native American. Also addressed is the Middle Ages and the Renaissance leading up to the Industrial Revolution. Activities include art projects on the various cultures, and a castle building group project in the spring.












Text Box: 7th Grade Science is a study of Earth Science. Topics covered are rocks, minerals, fossils, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, the solar system and space, and weather. Activities include crystal making, various labs and a water bottle rocket project in the spring.









Text Box: 7th Grade Social Studies curriculum consists of civics and U.S. History. The year starts out with students studying and completing mandatory exams on the U.S. Flag, U.S. Constitution and the Illinois Constitution. Then a condensed study of U.S. history from Native Americans, European exploration and settlement, westward expansion, Civil War and World War I. Major activities besides passing the Constitution exams is a history fair project, which usually takes place before the end of the 3rd quarter.













Text Box: 8th Grade Science curriculum is based on physical science which is a combination a both chemistry and physics. The first part of the year focuses on chemistry such as studying the periodic table and chemical reactions. Matter, energy resources, acids and bases, and material science is also covered. In the physics portion of the class topics covered include forces, Newton’s laws of motion, work, and machines. Activities include various labs such as acids and bases, polymers, chemical reactions and simple machines. Major projects include a science fair project during the second quarter and a bridge building engineering project before the end of the year.


















Text Box: 8th Grade Social Studies is a combination of U.S. History and Geography. Students start the year where they finished in the 7th grade history text. Usually this includes a study of World War II and the Holocaust, other conflicts, the Cold War and current topics. Then students are introduced to the countries outside of the U.S. by studying geography. This begins with Canada, then onto Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Then we continue onto Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand, which usually takes us up to the end of the year. If there is time we move onto Africa. Students study the culture, economy and lifestyle of each region and country. Students are required to memorize maps of the area being studied and the capitals of each country discussed. Major activities for this class is a study of the Holocaust with the U.S. History portion and Food Days for geography. Food days are when students prepare and bring in dishes for a region we have studied. Usually about 5 Food Days are held during the year – Canadian, Latin American, European, Asian, and Australian/New Zealand/South Pacific.





























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